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Installation into

a NEMA relay cabinet

Description of a new relay cable:

The standard Flowcon relay cable has a cord-grip installed at one end, allowing a secure cable installation through a standard inch electrical box knockout.

To install:

Remove the strain relief from the cable connector.

Use a pointed tool, like a pocket knife, to carefully lift each end of the strain relief , until it’s free. Don’t break it.
Unwrap the fold in the relay cable and straighten it out.
Twist the connector 90 degrees and carefully fold the cable around the connector to form a tube shape.

Carefully unscrew the cord-grip retaining nut over the cable wires and remove.

Insert the cable through the knockout.
Reinstall retaining nut and tighten.
Fold cable back around the connector and snap the strain relief back into place.
Do not leave off the strain relief – it protects the cable at the connector and prevents wire fatigue and failure.
Adjust the amount of cable coming through the cord grip to allow connection to the relay board.
Tighten the cord grip so that the cable doesn’t slip. Avoid excess cable slack.