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Replacing an OPTO-22 Quad Relay

To replace a relay:

Press in the "Emergency Stop" switch on the front of the relay enclosure.
Using a small Phillips screwdriver, undo the relay retaining screw.
Unplug the relay.

If the relay you are replacing is a failed output relay

Check the two 5 amp fuses associated with this relay.
If they're blown, find the short or other cause of the failure, otherwise, you'll just kill the new fuses or relay. See "Relay Fuses".
Install the new relay.
Secure with the screw (optional).

Replacing a Relay Control Board


A B4 board, as installed into a PB32HQ relay rack:


To replace a relay control board

Disconnect the power to the relay enclosure by pulling the main 8 amp fuse using a fuse puller.
Extract the relay control board using the extractor handles on either side of the board.
Set the address jumpers on the new board to match those on the original board.
There should always be a jumper in position #5.
There may or may not be jumpers in positions 1-4.
Insert the new board into the relay rack.
The components on the board face away from the relays.
Reinstall the main fuse.


Press in the "Emergency Stop" switch on the front of the relay enclosure.
Run the Relay test diagnostic and verify all output relays blink on and off sequentially.

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