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PCI: Selecting a motherboard


A computer motherboard used with a Flowcon batcher must allow the manual assignment of interrupt numbers to its PCI board slots. In the BIOS (CMOS) setup, there should be a section on setting up PCI peripherals (PNP/PCI Configuration).

Setting the BIOS (CMOS):

On system boot, enter the BIOS setup screens by repeatedly pressing the "DEL" key.

Go to the "PNP/PCI Configuration" section.
Set the "PNP OS installed" field to "Yes".
Set the interrupt for the PCI slot containing the first Flowcon board (see "Selecting a Board Slot") to "INT7".
Note: PCI slot numbers start from the slot closest to the CPU (slot #1) and proceed to the outer edge of the motherboard.
Verify settings using the Realtime Clock test using (IDIAGPCI)

If the above fails, and if your motherboard allows "not assigned" as an interrupt selection.

Set the Flowcon PCI slot to "not assigned".
Then see if the motherboard allows software assignment of the interrupt.
All motherboard chipsets are supposed to allow this.
In practice (because this feature is virtually never used), about 50% do not.
If your motherboard does not have a section for manually assigning interrupt numbers to PCI slots it probably will not work, since accidently getting them right is pretty remote.

Testing the Interrupt assignment:

Load the PCI integrated diagnostic (IDIAGPCI) and run the Realtime Clock test.

If this test passes, the interrupt is successfully assigned.
If the test fails, the motherboard is not suitable for use with a Flowcon batcher.