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Everything you need to use the new PCI based  systems.

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Planning Recommended

New computers no longer support the ISA buss.
Finding an ISA replacement will become harder over time
If your PC system fails, you may be down with
no immediate solution.


Flowcon cannot get more ISA systems. Because supporting PCI
requires your software to be rewritten, please allow 8 weeks.

Upgrades will be performed in the order of deposits received.


Pre-planning recommendations:

1.  Locate one or more spare ISA systems from older stock. Put one into service, proving it works, and use your current system as a spare.

2.  Keep your room clean, to prolong the life of your present computer system.

3.  An electrostatic air cleaner can double the life of your computers. It uses a permanent metal filter --  click here Air Filter

4. Budget for the PCI conversion. This is your long term solution.


Option #1:    The STANDARD upgrade

1. NEW PCI computer
ATX case, motherboard, CPU, ram, fan, Video, hard drive, 2 floppies, AT to PS2 keyboard adapter. (Use existing keyboard, monitor, printer and  cables).

We ship you a system that is loaded with your revised sofware, the new PCI Flowcon board, a start menu, and new test utilities for PCI.

2.  NEW Flowcon PCI board:   Supports all the scales in your current system.

3.  Upgraded Flowcon software for PCI.  We will modify your current Flowcon batch software version to support the new Flowcon PCI boards.


Option #2:    NEW Computer and NEW Software

1.  NEW PCI computer System Same as the standard upgrade, with new keyboard, keyboard skin and 15" or 17" monitor (customer choice).

2.  NEW Flowcon PCI board: Same as above, with new 3-scale adapter cable (as needed).

3.  NEW Flowcon Batch Software We will rebuild your software from the newest baseline for  brand new systems. Check our Software Features to see if you could benefit from having the latest version. Note: a few of our more specialized systems have one-of-a-kind features that could add to the cost. Contact Flowcon to learn if your system is in this category.

Upgrade Cost: To upgrade your system to support the PCI standard

Delivery estimate of 4-8 weeks depending on schedules.
Shorter times may
involve a premium rate.