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Verifying jumpers for various ISA board configurations

ISA boards used for the Micro machine, and boards used for the FLowcon batchers (bulk)  are jumpered per this chart.
ISA Micro Jumper224x224.jpg (12884 bytes) Micro Select Jumper

Micro board(s) - jumper E21 to E23

Bulk board(s) - jumper E21 to E22

ISA Interrupt jumpers are only needed on the primary board. Secondary boards interrupt through the "daisy-chain" jumper(s) that connect between boards.
Interrupt Jumper block
Used by the Main Bulk Board
E13 (IRQ2)  thru E3 (IRQ12)

RT-Clock is E14: jumper to E8 (IRQ7)

Serial Port IRQ is E15: jumper to E12 (COM4)
ISA Micro noirqs224x215.jpg (15465 bytes)
ISA: Selects addressing block used by the board
FC AT sec addr250x223.JPG (12547 bytes) Bulk Board Select

Primary Bulk board: E30 to E31

Micro Board: E30 to E31

Secondary Bulk board:   E30 to E32

This ISA style board can support up to three serial inputs per board in RS-232 or current-loop.
Scale Serial Chips

U25 (top chip) = scale #3

U19 (middle) = scale #2

U4 (bottom) = scale #1

Missing chips need the jumper (#3)

ISA 3sio250x250.jpg (16666 bytes)
ISA: These chips optically convert current loop inputs into serial.
ISA 3opto257x220.jpg (13996 bytes) Scale port Optical Couplers

U12 (left) is scale #1

U13 (mid) is scale #2

U14 (Right) is scale #3

ISA: This sets the baud rate of the serial ports.
Scale baud rate jumpers

Scale #1 is on pin 2
Scale #2 is on pin 4
Scale #3 is on pin 6

Pins 1,3,5,7,9 are baud rate: 
9600, 4800, 2400, 1200, 300 respectively

ISA baud224x224.jpg (10501 bytes)
ISA: Gross addressing block - all boards use this setting.
FC AT addressing250x250.JPG (14395 bytes) Primary Addresses block

The first four boards of every system

get strapped as shown.

undercon.gif (293 bytes)[not done - put closeup pictures here of various ISA IRQ jumpering configurations.
Jumpering between Flowcon bulk

board(s) and Micro boards.

One batcher board, one micro board
gcfcpu1b.JPG (35017 bytes)
Two Batcher boards
gcfcpu1c.JPG (31904 bytes)
Two Batcher boards, one micro board. This happens to use two PCI bulk boards and one ISA micro board, which is described in another page. Real pictures coming...
gcfcpu1.JPG (401578 bytes)