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Installation Planning

Flowcon will provide:


The Computer Control:
     System Components

Full documentation for the:
* Electrical, including pictorial drawings of the connections at the (provided) AC barrier strip.
* Scale displays, including calibration setup. The scale displays are shipped pre-tested, configured for your application.

Shipping of all components FOB Encinitas.

Software Development
of the PC-Batch control per the agreed upon specification.

Installation Phone Support 
Flowcon will provide telephone support to customer personnel to connect and verify supplied cabling:
* The round, shielded 50-wire cable between the computer and the AC relays.
* The cable(s) between the computer and the scale module(s), one per scale.
* The cable between the computer and the printer.


Installation process:
* Flowcon will provide telephone support to the electrical and scale personnel.
* Telephone support for customer's scale company to calibrate and verify operation of the Flowcon supplied stand-alone scale display(s). These interface the customer's loadcells to the Flowcon computer system.

Startup process:
* Flowcon will travel on-site and direct the entry of operational parameters.
* Perform the initial start-up for automatic mode.
* Flowcon will have a qualified engineer on site with product development capability.
* Will perform on-site enhancements to the product, to maximize usability and productivity.

* There is an AC barrier strip located on the relay mounting boards housed in the wall mounted NEMA relay control box.
* This may be viewed as the transition line between the Flowcon PC-Batch system and the customer's process.

Customer Tasks:

Labor and responsibility to:

Connect the relay control panel (supplied):
Flowcon provides a wall mount NEMA enclosure, which contains all the control and limit sensing relays, typically using 117V AC

Customer electrician:
* Provide 117V AC (20a) service to the box and scale displays.
* Provide all AC output control and input status wiring to the panel=s barrier strip(s).
* Provide additional limit switches or automated controls as necessary.
* Verify that output loads are 3 amps or less. A typical load is a 480V AC starter with a 117 volt coil.
* Verify each input and output signal for correct operation.


Provide a separate manual backup:
Should the computer go down, it is important that the customer have a totally manual push-button system they can use. This system needs to be isolated from the automatic PC-Batch system with switches. Recommended methods are in the installation documentation.


Connect scales:
Scales convert customer loadcell signals for display and transmit them to the computer.
* Wire (existing) load-cells to the Flowcon provided scale weight displays (one per scale), using accepted methods.
* Calibrate the supplied scale display(s).

Install Flowcon supplied cable:
* Advise cable lengths needed to go from the system to each scale, and from the system to the relay control box. We need this prior to our shipping date.
* Route the Flowcon supplied signal cables from the scales and relay box to the computer.


Low voltage (loadcell, scale and relay) cabling may share the same conduit and junction boxes, but must be exclusive of any AC wiring, both for code and noise immunity requirements.

Summary of the Startup Process...

1.  We provide all equipment and software as listed.

We provide full electrical documentation for your electrician, showing how to connect to the relay outputs and inputs.

We provide pre-configured scale displays, for your scale people to mount and calibrate.

2.  You connect the system and pre-test the connections to the system.

Activate the process manually, from the PC-Batch system's software (manual) panel.

Enter your data files: Ingredients, Rations, Bin information

3.  Flowcon will come on site, direct the start up, and identify any corrections.

The installation verification and initial startup parameter entry will normally take about 3 hours.

Flowcon will remain on site for about three days, fine tuning the software, and training a lead operator. We bring full programming capability to the site.