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FlowconBatchingCustom. Feedmill
rwy230x266.jpg (18813 bytes) Feed Mills:

Feed mill automation calls for many special operations, which may include extensive paths for routing. Purge times for belts to clear, turnhead controls, hand add stations; all are typical of the needs of a feed mill. We can handle more than 2000 formulas, and 2000 ingredients.

Computer Directed Hand Add:

Computer Aided weighing of hand-add ingredients can be accomplished in many ways. Systems like this one have been in continuous daily service since 1987. In many cases, we use a touch screen panel.
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haput250x250.jpg (12312 bytes) Hand Add Prompt/Verification:

At the appropriate point in the process, the system will alert the operator to add the pre-weighed ingredients into the mixer. The process will halt if the addition is not acknowleged within a system adjustable time limit, to insure a minimum mix time.