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How can you identify an
Econo Batch?

Hint:   Not by the features!
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Because it comes with every feature that a custom system has...

Except the custom.


It comes with

All the reports and disk files for history and inventory
All the control options that come with the standard product
Bunkreader interface, micro interface and more.
In fact, we used our three most popular systems as Econo-batch platforms.


Econo Batch Ordering:  If a generic batch weighing system can work for you, it's a great buy at a 30-40% savings.


But you still want to know the "catch", right?

Well, we don't think there is one.
The reason why we sell mostly custom systems, is because most customers want specialized control, and the increased efficiency offsets the cost.
But if you have a very standard application, Econo-batch may be exactly what you need. A full-featured system, without the custom.


What's in it for us?

You become a Flowcon customer. That beats the alternative!
It saves both of us money -- here's how:
We sell a system that we don't have to spend weeks customizing.
We don't have to archive a special copy of your software.
We don't have to come to your plant for startup. You save that travel and labor, because the main thing we offer in custom startup, is integration of the custom features -- making it work better for you.
Using standard software avoids that startup cost.


Can you upgrade later to a custom system?

Yes! Just pay the difference, and we will create you a custom release with all the features you need.
The scale display(s), relay cabinet, Flowcon board and computer are the same, so none of those parts change.


How can you be sure that econo-batch will solve your needs?

Identify your requirements against the relay list for the Econo batch model you feel best meets your need. (list in process)
Or contact Flowcon Sales.
We will explain the standard features, and where practical, offer electrical solutions for any custom control that you may need.
Then you make the decision.