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FlowconBatchingCustom. Dump-to-Truck
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Computerized bunkreader:

The bunkreader checks the pens, and inputs into the laptop. Once the loads are calculated for a feeding, it is electronically downloaded into the Flowcon batcher for production. The operator can reorganize and edit the loads as needed. This interface removes errors and greatly speeds the process.

Down-count loadout boxes:

Each box is on cells, allowing for simultaneous offloading to the truck. A blinking light indicates computer upcoming usage. Once external filling has stopped, the system starts emptying the boxes, and sets the light solid. No light indicates that it is safe to fill the boxes once more. 

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Truck Displays:

Whether conveying pen and weight information for feeding, or ration and load id for verification, or notifying of outside loaded ingredients, a display works summer or winter. It greatly improves driver confidence, and allows for unattended operation at the batcher, since the information is at the driver.

Dump to Truck Systems:

When the truck arrives, the driver presses a remote control to enable the dump sequence. Some ingredients are pre-weighed, while others may be loaded simultaneously from "down counting boxes". The sequence is custom to you.

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Using the truck scale to weigh:

By adding a radio modem in the truck, it is possible to use the truck scale to automatically add ingredients directly onto the truck between or after any other dump processes. This is helpful for ingredients that do not go through the main scale, nor do they come out of a loadcell equipped box i.e. a hay barn.

Loading the truck:

By having most of the ingredients pre-weighed  or arriving from load-cell equipped boxes, most of the load can arrive onto the truck at the same time. Sometimes mixing is improved by sequencing the load. Let us know what you desire, and we will find a way to achieve your goals.

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Good to the last morsel:

Consistent feed causes better gains per day, and improved conversion rates.

Flowcon fed beef is ...

                           a money maker!