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PCI - Selecting a Board Slot


PCI motherboard slots are assigned to share different interrupts, therefore it matters which PCI slot you use.

PCI slot selection:

Each PCI board slot has four interrupts wired to it.

The Flowcon PCI board uses the first (INTA) interrupt.
The actual interrupt assignment for INTA depends on the PCI slot you use.
The pattern of interrupt sharing between the PCI board slots are programmed into the motherboard's BIOS.
You may display this mapping using the Flowcon utility PCISCAN. [download section]

The Flowcon board must not share its interrupt with any other device.

Use the PCISCAN utility to display the interrupt map.
Select a PCI slot that does not share its first interrupt with any other occupied slot (other than by another Flowcon board) or other device on the motherboard.
Use this slot for the first Flowcon PCI board.
If your system uses additional Flowcon boards, they may go in any PCI slot.