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Replacing hard drive

Cleaning the Flopppy Drive:

Clean the floppy drive using a cleaning disk.

Obtain several BLANK formatted floppy disks.

Backup of data:

Print key data files (shift/F2, F3, F5) and one ration (shift/F7)

Back up all Flowcon operating files.
Use option #4 on the Startup page of the startup menu "Save Data and Formula files to floppy".
You may need to use option #5 if you have a great quantity of ration files.

Make sure you have a current copy of your operating software.
Check the revision date and time on the bottom of the F8 screen.
If you don't have a current backup, use option #7 on the Utilities page of the startup menu to copy these files to another blank floppy.

Removal of drive:

Turn the computer off and unplug it.

Remove the cover, and the screws holding the hard drive in its bay.

Extract the hard drive and remove the power and data cable.

Installing new   drive:

Inspect the new hard drive and check that the configuration jumpers are installed making this hard drive
the primary (Maxtor, most others)
or 'single' (Western Digital).
If Flowcon supplied you the hard drive, these jumpers will be already set correctly.

Connect the data and power cables to the new hard drive.
The stripe on the data cable goes towards the power connector

Install the hard drive into its bay and secure with screws.

Start up the computer -- setting the CMOS.

Enter the BIOS (CMOS) setup screen by repeatedly pressing the 'DEL' key on power up.

On the 'Standard CMOS Setup' section,
Make sure the primary hard drive type is set to 'AUTO'.
If this option is not available, contact Flowcon for further advice.

Loading backup Data files.

If Flowcon supplied you the hard drive, all of the needed startup files will already be installed
Use option #4 on the Utilities page of the startup menu to load your current data and formula files.


Check the version on the F8 screen of the batching application. Make sure it matches your current backup.

Look at your system files, and formula header file, to make sure all parameters match the original printouts.

If it is newer, you were running an old version of the batching software
let Flowcon know this

Run a simulated batch to make sure everything's OK.