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Typical Formats of the Most Common Data Files

The Hard-disk contains several type of data files. In the root directory are three files with the extension of ‘.FLO'.

The three files of this type are the:

SYSTEM File (sys.flo)
INGREDIENT file (ingr.flo)
BIN file (bin.flo)

* Files with other extensions are backup copies (*.bak) or are files of another type.
* Formulas are usually found in a sub-directory C:\FOR. All Formula files use ‘.FOR' extensions i.e 12.for.

All FLOWCON ingredient, inventory, system and formula data files are stored in ASCII formats. Typical Formats contain:

Sub-fields delimited by ‘;'
All records ending with a newline (cr/lf).
All files terminated by ^Z (control Z).

The format is suitable for importing into ‘host' databases. It can be created or manipulated with BASIC and it's variants thereof. Custom report outputs are available which can be read into and charted by spreadsheet programs like Microsoft's "Excel".



Typical Ingredient File format:

The ingredient file contains all of the information concerning ingredients required by the system. The ingredient file contains multiple records, one for each ingredient, where each record has the following entries:

Field name Data type
Ingredient code: 7 alpha-numeric
Ingredient name: 24 alpha-numeric
Lot number: 5 alpha-numeric
Hand/Add,Not/Weighed flag 1 char ‘h' or ‘n'
Underlimit weight: (jog value) signed numeric 0.00
First overlimit weight: (print weight) signed numeric 0.00
Second overlimit weight: (halt weight) signed numeric 0.00
Usage/Inventory/Adjusted flag: 1 char ‘u', ‘I', or ‘a'
beginning inventory wt. signed numeric 0.00
current usage weight signed numeric 0.00
accumulated receipts signed numeric 0.00
[end of typical ingredient entry] newline (cr/lf)

NOTE: Physical inventory is not stored. It is calculated by: Physical inventory = beginning inventory - usage + receipts.

Sample disk file named 'INGR.FLO':

CORN;CRACKED CORN;; ;30.00;30.00;70.00;i;100000.00;25200.00;25272.00;0.00;0;0;0
DIST;Distiller;; ;30.00;30.00;100.00;u;0.00;7000.00;7050.00;0.00;0;0;0
FINISH;FINISH;; ;30.00;30.00;70.00;i;100000.00;4800.00;4785.00;0.00;0;0;0
MICRO;micro water;; ;5.00;5.00;10.00;i;100000.00;0.00;0.00;0.00;0;0;0
START;START;; ;30.00;30.00;70.00;i;100000.00;4800.00;4785.00;0.00;0;0;0

* The first ingredient is Cracked Corn, the second ingredient is Distiller.
* HAY is a 'not-weighed' ingredient
* Also note this customer has four custom data fields on the end of each record. Added fields are usually appended to the end of the record, to preserve compatability.



Typical Bin file format:

The bin file holds all of the information specifically associated with physical ingredient bins. The bin file contains one record per bin, formatted as follows:

Field name Data type
Scale number numeric 1-99
Bin name 6 alpha-numeric
Freefall time numeric 0.0
Freefall weight numeric 0.00
Delivery pounds/20 sec. numeric 0.00
Jog time numeric 0.0
Ingredient assignment code 7 alpha-numeric
[end of typical bin data] newline (cr/lf)

Sample disk file named 'BIN.FLO'


* 1 line per physical bin output relay.
* In this customer, the 8th bin output is not in use.
Numeric entries which do not contain the decimal fraction will be expanded...
i.e. 5 is expanded to 5.0 or 5.00 depending on data type.


Typical System file format:

The System file contains all of the operational information for the scales, mixer, and other associated mill/plant devices. It contains multiple records of various types, one for each device. Typical formats follow, and represent typical entries since each process is custom and may contain more or less entries and record types as the process dictates:

Scale record (one per scale):  
Scale Identifier: 's'- indicates this is a scale record
Scale number numeric1-99
Scale 'empty' weight: numeric 0.00
Door open max. xsn timer numeric 0.0
Door close max. xsn timer numeric 0.0
Max. Scale dump timer numeric 0.0
Delay after empty numeric 0.0
Delay before 1st ingr numeric 0.0
[end of scale entry] newline (cr/lf)
Mixer record: (if a mixer exists.)  
Mixer Identifier 'm' - indicates this is a mixer record
Door open max. xsn timer numeric 0.0
Door close max. xsn timer numeric 0.0
Mixer dump time numeric 0.0
[end of mixer entry] newline (cr/lf)
Misc. operating data:  
System record identifier 'z' - indicates this is a system record
Jog limit count numeric 1-99
Scale report -- printer assignment numeric 1-9
Scale alarms -- printer assignment numeric 1-9
Batch ticket -- printer assignment numeric 1-9
Formula directory path 11 alpha-numeric
Edit password 7 alpha (encoded)
Inter-jog time (delay between jogs) numeric 0.0
Batch report format numeric 0-3
Run report format numeric 0-3
Bunkreader file priority numeric 0 or 1
Bunkreader file name #1 8 alpha-numeric
Bunkreader file name #2 8 alpha-numeric
Customer name 17 alpha-numeric
Minimum batch size in lbs numeric 0.00
Maximum batch size in lbs numeric 0.00
Auto start bunkstack numeric 0,1 or 2
Security enable numeric 0 or 1
[end of non-custom mixer entries] newline (cr/lf)

Sample disk file named 'SYS.FLO'


* Note this customer has six custom data fields on the end of the 'z' record. Added fields are usually appended to the end of the record, to preserve compatability.



Typical Formula (ration) file format:

The formula file contains information about all formulations handled by the system.
* There is a separate file for each formulation.
* The file name is the formula number (up to 8 characters) with an extension of ".FOR".

Formula Header Information: [formula code is the file name]
Formula name 24 alpha numeric
Dry-mix time numeric 0.0
Formula date 8 alpha numeric
Formulated by 14 alpha numeric
Maximum Batch Weight numeric 0.00
Mixer dump pause flag numeric 0 or 1
Micro Formula Name 8 alpha numeric
Default Batch Count numeric 0.00
Default Batch Size numeric 0.00
[end of record] newline (cr/lf)
Formulation Data: Ingredient record (one line per ingredient):
Ingredient code 7 alpha numeric
Requested weight numeric 0.00
Jog pulse override (opt) numeric 0.00
[end of this ingredient record] newline (cr/lf)

Sample Formula file named '.FOR'

Jun1;5.0;3/12/03;Sam Spade;17000.00;0;;1.00;10000.00

* The first line is the Formula Header information
* The next six lines are the ration, one line per ingredient.