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"PC-Batch" Weigh Systems
Custom is best for all but the most basic application. These systems  are an "exact fit", and software for each one is maintained separately, so all subsequent changes build off of the running baseline.
Bunker Mill: Remote displays direct  skip loading of stationary boxes. Liquids are usually automatically controlled into the boxes. Dumping can be to truck, or to flat storage. This saves putting up a full feed mill, but requires a steady loader operator.

Dump to Truck: Scheduling of loads can be downloaded from a bunkreader and the  ingredients are pre-weighed into overhead scales. The driver presses a remote to enable dumping, and can check a remote display to verify the load information. 

Routing: Ingredients are weighed, mixed, and routed to storage bins. Routing can be monitored or automatically control slide gates and turnheads, and include a purge time to ensure adequate cleanout between rations.

Delivery: It uses bunkreader calls to fill the trucks from finish feed storage, using radio linked truck scales and control of the overhead gates. It automatically schedules the batcher production, and it maintains a running inventory of all  overhead storage.

Feedmill: Similar to routing systems, but with added considerations for automated flush sequences, hand adds, and computer aided hand-add stations.

Blending: Like feedmills but lots of added analog controls for maintaining pressure, and complex proof sequences for filling and routing. The applications shown here are for the blending of plastic compounds.