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System Components

Equipment Supplied by Flowcon

Computer: Pentium 2 GHz ATX compatible CPU (or better)   
* Hard-Disk: one 20 gigabyte 3-1/2" IDE hard disk (or better).
* 1.44 Meg. 3-1/2" floppy-disk A: drive.
* 128 Meg. of RAM memory (minimum).
* Parallel printer port.
* Dual Serial ports (RS-232C) for future host communications, etc.
* 104-key keyboard.
* 15" VGA color monitor (flat screen optional)

FLOWCON interface board(s):
Interface the computer to the relay box and the scale displays.
* Fits in standard AT slot for easy replacement.
* Up to 16 scales using special serial i/o
* Built in 50-pin relay connector
* Drives a 50-wire cable for communicating with the relay panel.
* Can support up to 512 inputs or outputs using D.C. or 115V AC. control.

Printer: EPSON #LX-810 (or equivalent), multi-copy, 196 char/sec, bottom or top loading, IBM graphics, cartridge ribbon. All files used by the system can be printed while controlling the batch process.

Electronic Scale Displays:
* 'Certified' Handbook-44 scale displays, suitable for batch environment.
* Resolve 1 part in 20,000 counts, a 10,000# scale by 1#, or a 200# scale by .01#
* Remote operation: displays are independent of the computer. They should be located conveniently close to the manual panel.
* Easy calibration: Rice Lake 'IQ Plus 355' with optional software filtering to filter out scale vibration for greater accuracy. Stainless enclosure.
* Locally serviceable by a scale company in your area.

Relay Box:
* NEMA 12 steel box approx. 30" hi x 20" wide x 6-8" deep (typical).
* Solid state relays with zero crossing detection.
* Self contained 5v. power supply to power the relay control board(s).
* Automatic Emergency stop logic - computer controlled 20a. solid state emergency stop circuit.
* Relay mother boards with replaceable controller boards.
* AC. barrier strip termination points for every process connection.
* On-board safety: automatically de-activate all outputs if a computer failure is detected.
* Wire-ways to contain the AC. wiring.

A.C. Output/Input relays:
Each relay has a red LED indicator showing when activated.

Outputs are optically isolated and activate during zero crossing. This eliminates power spikes during turn-on, prevents plant surges from damaging the computer, and allows the system to operate from a different power grid than the plant.

Inputs show when the input signal is present. Optically isolated inputs protect against accidental surges.
* See Relay assignments for specific relay count and function.

Precaution on electrical noise:
* Since the OPTO-22 relay control boards contained in this box use low voltage computer signals, any addition of mechanical relays or other devices which might emit electrical noise, should be avoided. 

Battery Backup:
450 VA computer power fail protection system:
* In the event of an AC power failure, Tripp-Lite unit maintains power for 10-20 minutes, sufficient time to restore power and resume, or save data before powering down.

Shielded data cables:
* Shielded Printer cable. Extra long 10 foot length.
* Shielded Relay cable: round, jacketed 50-wire cable with crimp on connectors. Interconnects the PC to a standard NEMA box which houses the 120V AC optically isolated solid-state relays.
* Shielded scale data cable(s), interchangeable, one per scale, conveys scale data to the computer.

Backup switch over: To preserve your current method of manual control, we strongly recommend you interface through a simple switch-over box. Flowcon will document this for you.

Backup computer: At minimal cost, you can have a spare computer that is easily switched out by just changing cables and loading current data.

Analog outputs: i.e. D.C. motor controllers. Control boards are available with modules which can interface to 4-20 ma. current loop, voltage etc.

Analog inputs: for controlling the process with temperature or other instrumentation data.