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Consider Flowcon: Seven Reasons

1.    Maximizes Productivity

Shorter batch times. Special parameters allow you to reduce batch times in many ways. Savings of up to two hours a day are not unusual.
Improved accuracy: from using 20 decisions per second. Fast response + good methods = good accuracy, 0.2% is typical if mechanically sound.
Improved usability: lets you make informed decisions: target and actual inventory by ingredient, by ration; every alarm logged. A 60 second  scan of the day's reports will tell how well you are feeding, potential mechanical problems, and possible operator issues.
Free up the operator: Download production from a bunkreader and run unattended.  Alarms will flag any problems.
Automatic tracking: automatic freefall compensation and selective jog control eliminate the need for direct operator intervention in the batching process.
Fast, 'dribble' mode: multiple augers per bin for fast delivery with single auger completion at a slower rate, for both speed and precision.
Visibility of accuracy: printed management oriented production and inventory reports, enable tighter control over mill operations - even unattended operation.
Audit trail for tracking errors: printouts help spot recurring problems. Especially useful for identifying operator problems and scheduling preventative maintenance.
Integrated control with micro-machine. The Lextron-Microtech proportions and synchronizes to the bulk ration, with one entry and integrated reports. Control of other micro machines available with start/stop commands.


2.   Custom Built, just for you

Custom software, specifically supports your mill operation using your methods.
Routing systems: automatic control of turnheads and diverters, in support of downstream routing for systems which weigh to finished feed bins.
Dump to truck systems:
Host/bunkreader interface, a direct transfer to control the day's production.
Destination information for truck drivers, so that they can determine the ration destination without leaving the truck.
Data transfer to drivers by:
Dedicated printer with tear off reports 
remote truck display
radio link to truck system with in cab monitoring and control.


3.   Easy to Use

Pop up menus minimize typing and illegal entries; simplifies scheduling.
Usable with minimal language skills: color screen status and pop-up menus allow operators with limited reading skills, to run the system by menu position and color and pattern recognition.
Labor saving features like driver initiated dumping from at the truck, allowing the mill operator to attend to other tasks.
Friendly: external alarm allows your operator to be busy with other tasks, yet stay alerted to any mechanical problems.
Adjustable operational parameters minimize delays and a speed the sequencing of events, to occur as rapidly as the equipment will allow.
Simple data formats allow for easy data transfers and backups -- all data files are stored in simple DOS based formats. Create program/data backup floppies from an opening menu.
Open formats for the data: allow you to generate rations or read inventory information. Flowcon data can be directly processed by  spreadsheets and data base programs.
Transfer by floppy or network: Files containing the days production can be easily read in the office using IBM compatible systems.


4.   Information at a Glance

Graphical information: simplify information graphically. Status presented with numerical data requires mental interpretation. Presented graphically, a busy operator can assess overall status at a glance, and focus on specifics through the use of screen position and shape.
Use color to raise attention: dull colors present routine status, bright colors highlight alarms for easy identification of any problem areas.
Information carefully grouped by function: displays for system parameters, bin parameters, ingredient parameters and inventory, production stack, rations, etc.


5.   Mature Software, proven methods

Reliability through maturity... we have 23 years in 150+ applications
Powerful features developed over many years are included standard in every system.
Industry proven methods: developed from extensive experience in 'real-time' industrial applications: missile tracking for the Navy, multi-axis industrial robotics, high speed conveyor control and display methods for Tandy/Radio Shack, high speed automatic test systems for Beckman.
Software doesn't wear out. For example we implement our manual panel by use of a soft panel (screen and keyboard) - no hard panel to maintain.


6.   Easy maintenance, inexpensively

Industry standard computer, use of IBM compatible PCs insures that replacement parts and; support are as near as your local computer service center.
Industry standard, modular scale displays, allow easy calibration, swapping of spares,; and maintenance by your local scale company.
Industry standard OPTO-22 relays and boards are serviceable by your local electrician with second source availability (Gordos) and competitive pricing.
User maintainable plug-in solid state relays, allow easy testing and replacement.
Protective fuses on every line, guard your solid-state relays against overload.


7.   Never buy another Batch system

Why? Because Flowcon's capabilities are anchored in the software, not in specialized equipment that will wear out or grow obsolete. Flowcon is expressly designed to be compatible with your future needs, including hooks for future capability.

Expandable for the future. By exploring your potential future plans, we can build a batcher with sufficient capacity to meet these requirements at minimal/no expense.
Easy to upgrade software: As your needs change, installing upgraded batch control software is as easy as loading a new floppy disk.
Expandable electrical controls: for controlling additional equipment at a later date.
Replaceable components: non-custom, standard parts is why Flowcon is the last batching system you will ever need to buy.


In Summary

Flowcon's versatility is key to both your present and future needs - replaceable, expandable, ungradable, affordable.
Each system is custom built to do things your way, producing operators that are comfortable and confident.
Flowcon improves productivity and minimizes human error.
Flowcon is a proven system which continues to set the standard for excellence in mill and feedyard control.

May we invite you to experience the benefits of owning a Flowcon PC-Batch system too?